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I just wanted to apologize, I changed LJ's for personal reasons. Kept getting my journal hacked into and whatnot. I forgot that I put the posting as moderate. So many of these posts...were never shown, and than I saw the premeire for Life with Derek, and thought BHH, and I said to myself..."Whatever happened to the LJ community I had?"...and here I am. I feel like such a bad moderator, but I changed the options, so now the posts just go up immiedietly. I'm sorry that they weren't up, they've just been nonviewable for a year. If there's ever any spamming or something that shouldn't be here, I'll just delete it. Oh, and the person that linked there site they made on the janitor in the series. That is totally fine, and appreciated. If you ever have sites or anything you made, etc about BHH, please share. I want to make this site more fun, maybe we could have caption contests and quiz's and all that fun stuff. I should also customize the site some...make it all pimpin. So...that brings me to asking. Would anyone like to help moderate this community? I think I need maybe two more people...comment if your interested.
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